How to Benefit from the Israeli Innovation Ecosystem

  • Aligning with the Ecosystem

    Aligning with the Ecosystem

    Involve yourselves in the local ecosystem by sponsoring a range of events, such as conferences, hackathons and competitions.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Strategic Partnerships

    Establish a partnership with an accelerator, and give your company truly effective exposure to the local ecosystem and deal-flow. Invest in a local VC, and become part of the industry, by accessing and investing in new technologies. Be part of a community hub, and have constant access to deal-flow for potential investments and partnerships. Identify a design partner, and be part of a unique strategic corporate platform, targeting promising technologies with which to collaborate in various divisions of enterprise. Adopt a local scouter, enabling practical and useful access to the local ecosystem by identifying local talent.

  • Local Presence

    Local Presence

    Establish local business offices, to help in addressing local clients. Identify a corporate VC, to obtain equity investment for assessing new growth opportunities. Partner with an incubator, to support and cooperate with startups at their early stages. Utilize a corporate accelerator, to create a bridge between the entrepreneurial community and the global company. Monitor R&D activity, by tapping into Israel's unique technological and entrepreneurial assets. Create a local R&D center through acquisition of a local company.

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