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Only a small share of the planet's water resources meet the requirements of human consumption and this supply is further diminished by inefficiencies, such as leaks, and insufficient sanitation. At the same time, a growing world population and urbanization is driving up the demand. Watertech includes all technologies that increase water supply and decrease water demand throughout the water distribution and use cycle. Israeli Watertech is spearheading the shift towards sustainable water management through a broad range of technologies: Energy-efficient desalination that turns sea and brackish water into freshwater; environmentally-friendly biological wastewater treatment for cost-efficient water reclamation; smart irrigation for reduced water consumption and increased crop yield; and remote leak detection for reduced wastefulness.

This brief provides an overview of the Israeli Watertech ecosystem, with data on leading trends and success stories, showing how Israeli technology is making the desert bloom and offering solutions to a water-starved world.

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"Israel has turned to be a water-independent country in 2013, based on a variety of Innovative technological water solutions. As Israel has 8 million people in a world of 8 billion people, it is clear that only by materializing partnerships, we can leverage the Israeli proven experience for the benefit of all parties involved. This is the reason why I have initiated the Global Water Partnership hub that currently is involved in hundreds of activities worldwide."

- Booky Oren
Chairman and CEO at Booky Oren Global Water Technologies

"Meeting global water challenge is the big elephant in the room, that everyone is afraid to touch. But this issue is not going away and will not be solved on it's own. Israel is an arid state that has managed to solve its water challenges. Israel is ready to share its experience and know how with nations and people around the world"

- Oded Distel
Head of Israel NewTech

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